The Premiere Fulfillment Warehouse and Distribution Center in Los Angeles

TRG Fulfillment is an LA-based 3PL fulfillment provider with 25+ years of experience with high-volume apparel and consumer goods brands.With TRG Fulfillment Solutions, your business can:
  • Improve brand reputation and your customer experience with same-day shipping capabilities
  • Scale into new sales channels and marketplaces with ease
  • Reduce transportation costs with strategically-located facilities near the Port of LAX
  • Gain real-time inventory and order visibility with our robust integrations and WMS technology platform
  • Streamline B2B and B2C fulfillment operations with dedicated on-site warehouse account manager and single point of contact

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Years of high volume, high accuracy, 3rd Party Logistics
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Minutes From the Nation's Largest Ports and LAX

Our Clients

Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Partner

  • Three state-of-the-art facilities in the Los Angeles Metro area with more than 250,000 combined square feet to service all of your logistics needs.
  • Our Torrance, CA facility (within the Los Angeles Metro area) is 15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, 15 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles, 30 minutes from the Port of Long Beach, and 20 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles.
  • We provide 1st class Inventory Management with consistent inventory records of stock location. Stringent warehouse security protects all inventory from theft and damage.
  • Systems customized to your needs with detailed tracking and reporting on every aspect of your projects and seamless reporting integration into your platforms.
  • We receive orders via phone, fax, mail, web, email, or EDI (electronic data interchange), with full EDI programming capabilities.

Efficient, Reliable, and Dependable Fulfillment Services

  • We deliver industry-leading performance on order accuracy and on-time shipment by utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert training.
  • Our management team is 100% on-site, providing clear communication to our clients and identifying immediate opportunities for cost and service improvements.
  • TRG’s adjustable workforce plans and processes that ensure efficient labor costs. Logical warehouse floor layouts to speed fulfillment.
  • Our team has the training and expertise to handle your toughest challenges and offer the best solutions.
  • We are a registered member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

High-Volume? No problem.

High-volume and bulk orders don’t have to delay shipping times or complicate fulfillment. With a robust inventory management system, quick pick and pack, and expertise in high-volume SKUs, we get your orders fulfilled and on the road with surgical precision. Real time inventory tracking, intuitive storage practices, and a commitment to fast shipping all make this a breeze for you and your customers.

Not to mention, if you’re a larger online retailer, we happily manage the complexity of our clients’ wholesale and B2B orders alongside their B2C. After 25 years, we’ve made great relationships with the nation’s best carriers, saving you big on shipping costs with impressive discounts.

Exceptional Performance, No Matter Your Industry

TRG provides flexible 3PL services that are tailored for your needs, and geared towards efficiency and profitability for your business. Our commitment to reliability and innovation empowers diverse industries, allowing you to focus on what you do best creating remarkable products and experiences for your customers.

We know that every industry has specific demands and challenges, and we’ve grown to excel at fulfilling the logistical needs of all types of clients.

Master Your Logistics with TRG

As your 3PL partner, we assure the most efficient and cost-effective shipping routes every single time. It’s true–we treat your business like it’s our own. With 25 years under our belt, we take pride in our agility and efficiency, allowing all of our clients to pivot with changing market dynamics. Taking advantage of our location in the center of the Los Angeles logistics industry, we penetrate every market, driving down costs and optimizing cash-to-cash cycle durations.

We’ve mastered the product life cycle for B2B and B2C logistics, from assembly line to customers. For almost any industry and product you can think of, we ensure safe reception, dispatch, and delivery. Regardless of your inventory size, product types, and compliance requirements, there’s no one better at 3PL in Los Angeles than TRG.

Our Services

B2C e-commerce Fulfillment

We integrate with our clients’ eCommerce sites and quickly process and ship orders with full tracking capability. Our pick & pack processes are highly efficient and accurate.


We deliver cost-effective supply chain management and logistics support to our clients. TRG Fulfillment uses the latest technology and appropriate partnerships to find the best and least expensive routes to ship your goods every time. 

Value Added Services

We offer a wide range of value-added services including, but not limited to assembling, barcoding, kitting, labeling, reworking, repackaging, product inspection & QC, cross docking and same day shipping. We meticulously follow the specifications and alternations of every order so that only perfectly prepared and packaged items go to your customers.

B2B Fulfillment

We understand retail fulfillment is deadline oriented and attention to detail is critical. TRG ensures your products arrive on time, with complete accuracy, whether shipping to retail stores, big box retailers or boutiques. We offer full-service EDI with your trading partners and vendor compliance.

Customer Service

Our in-house customer service team is always available to support you and your customers before and after the product is shipped. TRG ensures quick turnaround response time, offering such services as returns processing, call centers and tailored customer management.

Storage & Shipping

Our 150,000-square-foot distribution center, hundreds of thousands of square feet of premium off-site storage, and thorough inventory accounting meets any storage demand.

Influencer Marketing

We provide our clients with turn-key influencer marketing services to help drive incremental sales. 


Industries we Service


Technology expertise and experience providing accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment. Seamless integration with your digital storefront.


TRG provides logistics and distribution for all types of apparel brands and manufacturers. We handle inventory management, packing, and shipping for high-volume SKUs, getting your products into the hands of consumers as fast as possible.


From makeup to perfume, we handle B2B logistics and distribution for high-volume cosmetics suppliers, as well as lightning fast ecommerce fulfillment for beauty brands' online stores.


We’re experts in fulfilling literature mailings or kits and experienced in shipping nutraceuticals with high levels of security and discretion.


Fulfillment to retail distribution centers or direct-to-store. EDI compatibility for big box/ retail/ wholesale shipments. Carton labeling, advanced shipping notice (ASN), unit stickering & adherence to routing guides.


We know how fragile consumers electronics can be and we have experience shipping all types— from cameras to videogame consoles, iPads to music devices, we’ve done it all.


TRG is registered with, and certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We can provide 'just in time' delivery, and lot control & tracking for food and beverages, for ensured compliance and safety.

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Discover how TRG Fulfillment can improve your supply chain and take care of your logistics operations. We’ll help you create a seamless and efficient pathway from production to delivery, giving you the unparalleled advantage of partnering with the best 3PL company there is, regardless of industry or size.

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